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Digital Transformation

"We know what is needed to transform your workflows"
Digital Transformation is introducing software and educating the staff to work with it. It leads to more productivity and even new business models.


You can achieve less downtime, while getting a complete overview over your fab which can proof ISO 50001 conformity.


People who are to work with the new technology might feel lost or even offended by it. Help them by educating them.
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Edge Computing

"Do you need computationial power outside the cloud?"
Edge Computing prevents large amounts of data from being sent into the cloud, it works where there is no internet and it has a better latency. And reduces costs.

Microcontroller Programming

We program RISC V and ARM based IoT application processors. We also help deciding which processor is the best fit.

Edge Integration

We connect your IoT processors for example with AWS Greengrass but also any other infrastructure that already exists in you company.

Coderitter Edge

The complete plug & play solution for edge based predictive maintenance with automated AI engineering!
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"Do you want to give your staff super human skills?"
Artificial Intelligence can mimic human skills while even surpassing them in doing so.

AI Engineering

You have a problem that you want to solve with AI? We can investigate the feasability and engineer it.
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