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Play global
"There is no reason and no way that a human mind can keep up with an artificial intelligence machine by 2035." Gray Scott / FUTURIST

Artificial intelligence will make your factory more efficient and more profitable.

Germany is one of the leading countries to adopt the new technology.

The 4th industrial revolution has begun.
Do not fall behind.


"The customer of code is the other programmer."
Our apps are single page to avoid full UI refreshes. Through data caches inside the browser we achieve the fastest user experience. You will always see the latest information because of constant UI updates. Every app that we ship can also be used offline.
  • TypeScript + Node (Server)
  • TypeScript + React (Browser app)

Edge AI

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"The relationship between human intelligence and artificial intelligence will necessarily be one of symbiosis." Bryan Johnson
We are working with Sensry to deliver a cutting-edge sensor platform. It is capable to run the AI algorithm on chip. It avoids too heavy usage of the cloud and can bypass bandwidth shortages.
  • C / C++ (Microcontroller)
  • Tensorflow / Scikit-learn / PyTorch / Keras (AI)

Digital Transformation

"It will not hurt."
It is our vision to enhance the level of competence in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science in Germany. We see ourselves as building the bridge between both your organisation and the future. Therefore we will develop use cases of strategy hack together, progressing from model based approaches to your road map. Our holistic approach is at the core of implementation and enables us to train your most valuable resource, namely your employees, adequately for global competition.
  • Distance Learning
  • Distance Teams
  • Transformation Workshops
Stay local

Smart Systems Hub connects the IoT world. Our partnership aims for mutual growth.

Sensry offers customizable industrial sensor modules.


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